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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  IS WEDDING PLANNING YOUR FULL TIME JOB? - A. Yes!  This is my full time job. Besides being a mother, and a wife.... I do not work anywhere else.

2. WHAT IS MY MINIMUM INVESTMENT AND HOW DO YOU CHARGE FOR YOUR SERVICES? - A. Full Service Planning is the minimum investment. I charge a flat rate for my services which is determined after our initial consultation.  I do not accept commissions or kickbacks from other vendors to refer them.  I ask that you pay them directly.  I do offer Day of Coordination but I only commit to weddings for day of coordination within 3 months of a particular wedding. Please call me for more details!

3. DO YOU HAVE A PREFERRED VENDOR LIST? - A. No, I do not have a list per se.  However, I do have a ton of vendors in every category that I have worked with that are proven to give a quality product/service and are reliable.  I also have multiple recommendations in every category of vendor that will meet every price point.  I am always looking to connect with vendors who I do not know so that I am able to properly match you with the best fit.

4. ARE YOU ON SITE FOR MY WEDDING DAY? - A. I am on site for most Eventfully Planned weddings.  I have an assistant that works with me the day of the event and I will be on site from hair and makeup prep time through the dinner service. By this time, the hard part is over and my assistant will stay on site to pack up all your wedding items and deliver them back to your desired location. 

5. ARE ALL THE IMAGES ON THIS SITE FROM WEDDINGS YOU HAVE COORDINATED? - A. Yes.  I am proud to say that all of these gorgeous weddings are events that I have serviced! There are a mix of weddings that I was hired as the full service planner and the day of coordinator.  There are also some images from weddings that hired me with a custom package.